WWE Budget Cuts. Pity The Ring Crew.

Dolph will pick up the slack. The ring crew have all left.

Dolph will pick up the slack. The ring crew have all left.

Heads up to Jay Hunter @OSWreview for bringing this up on Twitter earlier. I never knew things at WWE were getting this bad. ( Cough! Last year’s cuts in the links below, but has it gotten even worse this year? )

Wrestlezone gives a good broad strokes of what recent budget cuts mean for the WWE production crew.



Things are looking pretty grim for WWE’s production and ring crew. They already have a brutal schedule of little to no sleep sometimes but now they are expected to pay for all travel and accommodations themselves. According to this account on Reddit, a typical production crew member’s salary is from $40,000 to $75,000.¬†https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/28iq5s/the_wwe_production_crew_issue_why_its_important/

When you factor in the amount of travel the WWE does, it paints a pretty awful picture for the production crew. How could it be even viable to remain in a job with expenses that could easily eat up half your annual salary?

I used to think working for the WWF/WWE would be a dream job when I was a kid, but the more you learn, the more it sounds like a truly awful place to work. I hope they come to their senses on this and give the crew what they deserve. Cutting corners on production like this is definitely not best for business.

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