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So WWE Battleground this year turned out a whole lot better than expected. Going in, I was thinking that this mightn’t be too bad, but nothing that good either. By the end of it though I felt it was a pretty enjoyable show. Here are the results!

Randy Orton v Sheamus

I’ve gotta admit I was somewhat comatose by this matchup. “The battle to prove who is the least boring” a tweet I saw is a pretty accurate summation of this match. St Louis is the only place Orton could get over like this right now. Orton won, I woke up and wiped the drool off my face.

My rating: 2/5. I just couldn’t care less about these two.

Prime Time Players v The New Day

This was a lot more enjoyable than the opener. I’m a fan of both teams so going in, this was a match I had highlighted. Wasn’t an overly long match but there were a few good hot tags to Titus O’ Neill. The highlight was probably Xavier Woods on the outside shouting one-liners like, “WORST LEG DROP EVER!” and  “TRICEP MEAT” that’s a new one! Makes me hungry actually.

My rating. 3/5. Pretty good overall. Great performances from Woods on the apron.

Bray Wyatt v Roman Reigns

Going in I wasn’t sure what to make of this. Who needs the win more here? I’d say Bray. Bray turned up wearing a very comfy looking pair of red room pants. Reigns comes out to his usual entrance. Now I know this is no staggering revelation here but I realised why I find him so boring is that they haven’t even tried to repackage him since leaving the shield. He is the shield, just by himself. Anyway, the match was entertaining. The two beat the crap out of each other in a pretty long match up. I predicted a fairly straight forward win for Reigns to end the feud but the ending was far more interesting. A hooded figure ( the much speculated Undertaker? That’s what I immediately thought ) took Reigns out allowing Wyatt to hit sister Abigail for the win. The hooded figure? It’s only Luke Harper. The Wyatt family getting back together? Yes please! Looks like this feud is going to Summerslam.

My rating: 3.5/5 A much better finish than I’d expected.

Divas Triple Threat. Sasha Banks v Charlotte v Brie Bella

So the Divas reboot is upon us all of a sudden. Just when the Divas division felt so flat and pointless, WWE bring NXT’s Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch to Raw last Monday. This was the best Divas match I’ve seen in a while. It was also the longest we’ve seen in a while. There were more pops in the crowd for this match for any Divas match in recent memory which was really great to see. Lots of good bumps and action in this one. Charlotte put Brie in the figure 8 to which Brie tapped out. Great reaction from the crowd and I was pretty happy to see this too. I hope the WWE are ashamed of how this match was streets ahead of everything we’ve seen in the Diva’s division the past year or so.

My rating: 4/5. Mostly because this was a breath of fresh air to the division.

John Cena v Kevin Owens

This went as I expected. Another great match. The crowd were hot for this match. Highlights for me were Owens calling out Cole and Cena’s super AA from the ropes. Quite similar to their last two matches with A LOT of near falls, but this time Owens actually tapped out to the STF. A bit anti-climactic for me, but you know this isn’t the end of the feud. I’m predicting a fatal four way with Cesaro and Rusev for Summerslam. I think another singles match for these two might be going to the well once too often.

My Rating: 3.5/5. Slightly disappointing to see Owens tap out.

Main Event: Seth Rollins v Brock Lesnar

The crowd were amped for this. The first real match for Brock Lesnar since Wrestlemania. Lesnar exploded at the bell and shoulder rammed Rollins into the corner. Lesnar went for a German early on but Seth escapes to the floor. The two get back in the ring after a bit of a chase and Rollins starts working Brock’s leg. Soon after though Brock manages to retaliate with the first German suplex to witch the crowd chant “ONE.” Each suplex is counted by the crowd and Paul Heyman did a great job of working with the crowd on this too. Rollin’s played his usual cowardly gimmick by trying to run away with the title outside but Brock chases him down, throws him over the crowd barrier and then back into the ring for more suplexes. A lucky 13 suplexes and then the Undertaker’s bell sound across the arena and the crowd go apeshit. I have to admit I thought the undertaker rumours were nothing to take seriously, but it was a nice surprise nonetheless. Undertaker is looking pretty rough these days but to be fair he’s getting up there now. Taker goes at Lesnar and Lesnar tries to F5 Taker but the Undertaker counters and chokeslams Brock and then hits him with a tombstone. Taker leaves the ring but comes back to hit another tombstone. The crowd ask for one more but Taker kneels and does his classic pose, walks off and the show ends. Match ends in a no contest.

My rating 4/5. Basically because of the surprise entrance.

All in all this PPV was an enjoyable watch and not just a Summerslam pre-show. Highlights for me were the Divas match and the main event with an honorable mention to the Owens-Cena match.

Overall rating: 3.5/5.  3 out of 6 matches were really good. A pretty enjoyable watch.


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