It’s Time To Stop Calling Vince McMahon A Genius

Vince McMahon: rich, evil genius? Or just rich and evil?

Vince McMahon: rich, evil genius? Or just rich and evil?

The latest brand extension is just another example of a potential cash cow pissed away for a short term ratings grab.

You would think the big program going into tonight’s Raw would be Rollins and Balor on a quest to make history as the first ever Universal champion, you might expect to see that great sit-down interview Rollins did with Michael Cole all over WWEs major social media platforms.

Don’t be a mark! tonights Raw is all about SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan! Well, actually Bryan is simply a device to get Stephanie some screen time. After all, it just wouldn’t be pro wrasslin without a healthy dose of nepotism!

I have to admit it takes some real audacity to do worked shoot promos explicitly stating the exact follies of your company only to spit in your audiences face by continuing down the same path. The fans want to see their favorite wrestlers, and Vince has his children cut promos promising to give them exactly that. They tell us it’s a new era. They even put the strap on Sasha Banks, only to turn right back around and put the spotlight on the McMahon family saga that has played out for twenty long years! Don’t fool yourself into thinking this is about Orton and Lesnar or SmackDown vs Raw! This is about putting Vince’s daughter on a pedestal and having her reign down on the likes of Foley and internet darling Daniel Bryan. Notice it isn’t Steph that has to answer to Bryan. Daniel is the one that has to come on Queen Helmsley’s show.

But hey, why am I getting upset? WWE isn’t a wrestling company, it is a media company that airs McMahon family home movies on Monday and Tuesday nights. We as wrestling fans spend all this time fantasy booking, and worrying about the direction of our favorite wrestlers when at the end of the day the only thing that matters is if Stephanie came out smelling like a rose or not.

So, to the esteemed wrestling journalists of the world: how long are you going to continue to call this man a genius while he continuously leaves money on the table in the name of nepotism? This is a man that inherited a built-in audience of people willing to eat shit more than any other fanbase. Fans that scream at the top of their lungs ”take my money!” All he has to do is listen to them. Instead of taking their money, he tells them, ”this show is completely missable, and you are stupid for taking it seriously.” The biggest lie in sports entertainment is that Vince will do anything if it is best for business. Vince only cares about doing business Vince’s way.

Best case scenario the brand extension was to pop a rating on SmackDown. Worst case scenario is it is simply the latest development in the Authority storyline. My theory is the payoff will involve Trips and a sledgehammer, oh joy!

Vince bought out his competition but he is losing the culture war. He claims to hate hokey southern wrestling, yet he displays a level of nepotism that would make the likes of Cowboy Bill Watts blush. Vince not only doesn’t know what draws in 2016, but he actively avoids making money.

So for the reasons I stated we will continue to see diminishing returns. We will continue to see mediocre ratings. Continue to see poor house show attendance. But Vince will continue to see his lovely daughter center stage at the expense of his own company, and the pseudo-intellectual journalists will continue to sing the praises of the super genius that never was.

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