The Best 5 Wrestling Podcasts


Wrestling podcasts: These days it seems everyone in the wrestling business has one. Some would have you believe that they pioneered the wrestling podcast. Jim Ross may or may not have been doing his podcast from a shack in Oklahoma since 1953. Some of the big name podcasts like the Steve Austin Show and Jim Ross’s Ross Report can be pretty good at times whereas some have a “me too” vibe to them. Actually, I’m not so much of a fan of the big name wrestling podcasts. I do listen to them from time to time, but I get my main kicks from amateur/home made fan podcasts.

This year in particular I’ve been listening to a lot of fan podcasts. There’s a warm fuzzy feeling I get from hearing fans share the same thoughts and experiences as me when it comes to watching wrestling. Summer time for me often means travel and a lot of times spent on planes, trains and automobiles. What better way to pass the time on long journeys than to hear other fans talk shit about wrestling. The following podcasts are ( in no particular order )my favourites so far.

OSW Review Podcast.


The Old School Wrestling Review Podcast, or OSW Review for short, is quite possibly the king of fan made wrestling podcasts. Hosted by three Irish lads; Jay Hunter, Steve (Mr. OOC) and Steve (V1)they started off “chronologically critiquing” PPV events of the Hogan era and have since moved onto cover PPVs from ECW, WCW and are currently wrapping up a story arc that culminates with Wrestlemania X7. If you like the Simpsons, old-school video games, and B-movies then OSW Review is an absolute treat. While it is available as an audio podcast, it is best in video format as the audio is synched to the PPV in question and to absolutely amazingly crafted vignettes made by the guys and fans who personally craft material for the show.

OSW Review was available entirely on Youtube until Youtube became difficult about that sort of thing. The best place to catch all their videos is on Vimeo. Daily Motion also have some of their videos too.

OSWReview on Vimeo


The Attitude Era Podcast


As the name suggests this podcast reviews the PPVs from WWF/WWE’s Attitude Era starting from Wrestlemania 14 in 1998. Hosted by another Irishman, Kefin Mahon, and his two English cohorts of Adam Bibilo and Billy Keable, the team occasionally dip into reviewing some wrestling related tasty treats such as, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, Wrestlemania 15’s Rage Party and 1999’s truly regrettable Heroes of Wrestling event. Again, the show is pretty well made and edited and has been running for two years now so there’s plenty of material to listen to. They also have a Youtube page which is a good intro to the guys and their style of humour.




A sort of spin-off to the Attitude Era Podcast produced by AE Podcast’s Kefin Mahon and Jo Graham ,who I believe is Kefin’s girlfriend? Kefin, the seasoned, veteran wrestling fan, educates Jo on how wrestling works in the hope that she and other new wrestling fans will also learn about and enjoy wrestling a lot more. If you’re a veteran wrestling fan yourself, you might think there’s little for you in this podcast, but the sense of humour is really good and the show is nicely categorised into commenting on wrestler’s from the past and present. The recent episode “How2JohnCena” was pretty interesting if only for the fact that I learned about John Cena’s truly bizarre Instagram account. A pretty new podcast so there are only a handful of episodes at this point. Next episode is “How2Hogan” Ooh, controversial!


The New Generation Project Podcast


Hosted by three English lads, Stewart Brookes, Adam Wykes and Paul Scrivens, the NGPP analyse and discuss the “dark ages of the WWF” aka the mid 90s. You might think that the mid 90s was a truly awful period for the WWF/WWE and you’d be right but these guys have great chemistry and senses of humour and make some of wrestling’s worst shows really entertaining to listen to. A particularly funny feature is Paul Scriven’s constant inability to pronounce seemingly simple words such as “tragedy.” If you like wrestling, mullets and an overall good laugh, give these guys a listen. A warning to North American listeners though. You may need to familiarise yourself with the iconic British comedy character of Alan Partridge to understand some of the humour. A few references to cricket might stump you as well. If you do like Alan Partridge and cricket however, you’re in for a special treat.

Going in Raw 

Hosted by Steve and Larson of Machinima, and for PPVs Dan Nerdcubed joins in. The regular, weekly?  edition consists of just Steve and Larson shooting shit about current day pro wrestling. For the PPV review shows with Dan Nerdcubed they’ll also do a “book of the match” segment in which they review a classic PPV from either WWF, WCW, ECW or NWA. A highlight is their segment called “Kayfabe Corner” where one host will try to outfox the other by making them guess which names on a list of wrestlers are real or fake. It’s actually very difficult to pick fake wrestler names a lot of the time. Other entertaining features of the show have included postulating new names for Kevin Owens, new gimmicks for Adam Rose and coming soon is the promising “how to get Roman Reigns over” segment. While not as organised or regular as some other podcasts out there, it’s one of my favourites because I’ve watched Steve and Larson on Machinima for a few years. They’re the same age as I am so a lot of their references are easy for me to relate to and I was pleasantly surprised to learn one day that they’re also wrestling fans who like to podcast/comment on it on the side. All available on their channel on Youtube as well as iTunes and the other usual outlets.


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