Hulk Hogan: Sometimes it’s Hard Being a Wrestling Fan


No, let ME tell you something "brother!"

No, let ME tell you something “brother!”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it should be no news to you by now that WWE have fired Hulk Hogan after audio transcripts from “that sex tape” leaked years ago revealed a tirade of racist slurs.

A lot’s been said about the whole affair but to me it points out the unfortunate reality that being a wrestling fan is hard at times. Fortunately there’s still enough for me to like about wrestling but it’s times like these that make you keep your love of wrestling on the down-low. ┬áThere have been some pretty low points in pro-wrestling since I’ve been following it as a kid. There was the steroids trial, the Jimmy Snuka murder accusations, Owen Hart and the premature deaths of so many other wrestlers, Chris Benoit’s murder-suicide and now the biggest star of pro-wrestling, Hulk Hogan, shitting all over fans and the business with this.

To close out, two questions come to my mind:

  • Are the WWE right in trying to erase Hulk Hogan from the archives?
  • Does actions like those of Hulk Hogan affect your overall fandom of pro-wrestling in any way?

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